Operational Procedure

Our daily operational activities on site are both recorded electronically and manually. We provide tablets to all our site and those tablets are link to our head office control room. All incidents recorded are relayed to management. We always have weekly meetings between our departmental divisional heads and other managers to ensure that all problems are dealt with timeously. We have trained personnel to investigate any incident.

All Battalio staff are well experience and qualified, thus why we have a proper channel of communication within our company. All departmental heads are accountable for their duties and also all resources that allocated to their division that includes budgeting and planning. No room of fraud and corruption in our company.

We are using the guard patrol monitoring systems to all 95% of our sites across the country, we have found that guards perform better and render a better services.

We can monitor from our control Centre exactly the following happening on any particular sites:

  • Time the guards report on duty at the premises.
  • Time the guards report off duty from the premises.
  • Half-hourly clocking by the guards
  • Whether the control unit is being tampered with.
  • Failure to carry out or complete a patrol
  • When assistance is required due to the fire or any other emergency.