Environmental Policies

The Director of BATTALIO FORCE SECURITY is aware of the impact its business operations have on the environment around all nine province.

We would implement the policy of re-cycling, reduction in the generation of waste and the promotion of environmental awareness.

It is therefore our policy to adopt procedures and practices that;

  • Does not damage our environment.
  • Does not restrict the enjoyment of the environment by others.
  • Promote sustainable improvements (where we have an influence) that consider the effects to the environment

We will support this policy by implementing the following procedures:

  • All waste paper, junk mail, documentation etc must be returned to the office via your Supervisor for re-cycling in the most appropriate way that does not compromise the integrity of our clients, employees or company.
  • Arrange for all printer cartridges, toners etc to be returned to the supplier or designated agent in the envelopes provided for re-cycling. q Promote the use of re-cycling banks for bottles, cans, paper and other waste materials that employees may bring into their place of work.
  • Ensure any packaging supplied with any equipment is disposed of in methods that support this policy Seek professional advise to adopt further practices that result in generating less paper and less waste.
  • Adopt where possible the use of alternative non fossil fuels for company vehicles.

This policy is promoted throughout our company and communicated to all staff via effective training and leadership.