Welcome to Battalio Force Security

BATTALIO FORCE SECURITY is fully operational at all nine provinces around South Africa and our head office is currently situated in Midrand – Gauteng (South Africa).

Since its’ inception, Battalio  has managed to create a strong reputation in the security service industry through its personal attention to all aspects of it’s services. Our highly qualified management team has the diverse background and experience to provide an in depth-managed professional Security Services to our clients.

This service is both reflected and administrated by way of personnel selection, in-house and on-the job training, supervision of operations, and communications. We also work hard to ensure that the systems and procedures put in place are carried out to the highest standards for the protection of the client’s property, assets, staff, visitors, etc.

The multiple roles now expected of the professional Security Officer have always been clearly understood and adhered to by Battalio through training modules provided to our staff. Our staff Security officers are the first to be in contact with the public, the clients’ customers, and their staff, while acting as both ambassadors to our clients and our company, Battalio.

BATTALIO FORCE SECURITY has been established on the year 2008 by a highly professional executive in the field of safety and security.